We're a music label dedicated to exploring the interplay between video games, music, and nostalgia

Our composers hail from the most renowned and beloved video game franchises and companies, blending a multitude of styles under one roof, from chiptunes and electronica to blazing rock and even full-fledged orchestra. We're capable of producing music that fits any desired niche in the entire spectrum of musical styles, and we're known for skillfully managing projects to completion, be it solo albums, compilations, or soundtracks.

Manami Matsumae

Mega Man, U.N. Squadron, Mega Man 10, Dragon Quest Swords, Shovel Knight, Mighty No. 9


Keiji Yamagishi

Ninja Gaiden (NES), Tecmo Bowl, Captain Tsubasa Vol. I, Captain Tsubasa Vol. II, Dynasty Warriors, Onimusha Tactics


Saori Kobayashi

Panzer Dragoon Saga, Panzer Dragoon Orta, NiGHTS into Dreams, Crimson Dragon, Sonic Drift 2, AKANE

Yoko Shimomura

Street Fighter II, Kingdom Hearts series, Final Fantasy XV, Street Fighter II, Parasite Eve, Live A Live

Harumi fujita

Gargoyle's Quest, Mega Man 3, Ghosts ‘n Goblins, Bionic Commando, Strider, Final Fight

Ryuichi nitta

Ninja Gaiden 2, Ninja Gaiden, Solomon's Key 2, Onimusha Tactics, Castlevania: Harmony of Despair

Kaori Nakabai

Ninja Gaiden 3 (NES), Dynasty Warriors, Radia Senki, Captain Tsubasa 3

Masashi kageyama

Gimmick!, various Sunsoft titles


Metal Gear Solid 4, MGS: Peace Walker, Bayonetta, Yakuza 2, Shinobi 3D, Ace Combat: Assault Horizon


Akari Kaida

Resident Evil, Mega Man Battle Network, Onimusha 3: Demon Siege, Breath of Fire III


David Wise

Donkey Kong Country, Star Fox Adventures, Yooka Laylee, Battletoads

...our other composers have worked on games such as Spelunky, Super Hexagon, and more.


Your favorite game soundtracks, revisited

The Generation Series is a sub-label of Brave Wave that stands for definitive editions of legendary video game soundtracks.
For the first time ever, we're releasing your favorite soundtracks in comprehensive digital, CD, and vinyl collector's editions.
 Restored, remastered, and often in unprecedented quality.

Full-Length Albums

We love creating original music to share with the world, and we hope you enjoy listening to it.
Look no further than our original albums, composed by several of the most famous video game musicians in the world.

Dugo is the alias of Bayonetta and Metal Gear Solid 4's co-composer Takahiro Izutani. Ten years in the making and with an international assembly of artists — guitar players, violinists, photographers — Dugo's Lingua Franca is the culmination of Izutani's grand vision of what an independent solo album can be.


Terra Magica is a love letter from Saori Kobayashi to her fans. Featuring the same rich, melodic tones that defined the iconic soundtracks of Panzer Dragoon Saga and Panzer Dragoon Orta, Kobayashi invites listeners to enter the world she has created, while encouraging them to create their very own story to match the progression of the music. 

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After a year of exhaustive work, Ninja Gaiden composer Keiji Yamagishi is back again with the followup to his debut Retro-Active Pt. 1. The new album finds him exploring various styles and genres, in addition to a special collaboration with Ninja Gaiden II composer Ryuichi Nitta. 

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Heart Beat Circuit is an album five years in the making. After completing his Master's degree in music performance in 2010, George "Smoke Thief" Baker began to conceptualize what would take shape into his first album. He mixes genres from ambient to jazz, and fuses electronic elements with instruments such as saxophone. Features famed video game composers Manami Matsumae, Saori Kobayashi, and Takahiro Izutani.

Bandcamp  |  iTunes

Keiji Yamagishi is a Famicom-era pioneer and has composed music for some of the most beloved gaming franchises, notably Ninja Gaiden, Tecmo Bowl, Captain Tsubasa and Gitaroo Man. Inspired from his Famicom days and fueled with more passion and directness, Keiji Yamagishi sends us all into a "futuristic emotional chiptunes world", as he himself has described it. 

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After a hiatus of 7 years, Saori Kobayashi (of Panzer Dragoon) and Yumiko Takahashi (of Suikoden) returned with their musical ensemble AKANE. Journey features new original music inspired by the Panzer Dragoon series of games, compositions from Crimson Dragon, Crimson Dragon: Side Story, and a special appearance by legendary composer Nobuo Uematsu (of Final Fantasy)

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IN FLUX is an East-meets-West music album that merges the two sides together in an unprecedented way, featuring the musicians of Evanescence, Mega Man, Ninja Gaiden, Silent Hill, Panzer Dragoon, Sworcery, Spelunky & more. The union of Japanese artists alongside their Western friends shine through the album, sidestepping the language gap and communicating entirely through the universal understanding of music.

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"World 1-2: The Complete Collection" contains "World 1-2" and "World 1-2: Encore". It includes both original music and video game remixes. Musicians include Video Game Orchestra, Akira Yamaoka (Silent Hill), Manami Matsumae (Mega Man), Keiji Yamagishi (Ninja Gaiden), Austin Wintory (Journey), Eirik Suhrke (Spelunky), Ben Prunty (FTL), Stemage, Danimal Cannon, Monomirror — and more. 

Bandcamp (Complete Collection)
iTunes (World 1-2)  |  iTunes (Encore)


Who doesn't look back on their favorite video game soundtracks with fond nostalgia?
Our artists have composed some of the most beloved music in video game history. 
We aim to continue that tradition with every new soundtrack we create.

Flat Kingdom is a 2D platformer for Steam. In this magical place, everything is Flat as paper. But the evil masked thief recently kidnapped the princess and stole the magic jewels from the king! Manami Matsumae, the game's composer, is famously known as the composer and sound designer of the original Mega Man.


Exile's End is an homage to early 90's action-adventure PC games like Flashback and Another World, but with a Japanese flair. When tasked with composing the game, Keiji Yamagishi delved into uncharted territory by experimenting with moody, ambient electronica — a welcome departure from his signature style.


Rainblocks is an arcade puzzle game on iOS where your goal is to match color blocks continuously, with music by Manami Matsumae (of Mega Man & Shovel Knight). Touch Arcade says, "It's [Mega Man] that the theme for Rainblocks seems to call back to the most, with a light, bouncy melody that stays in your head long after you've stopped playing." 

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Other soundtracks our artists have worked on or are currently working on:


Short-Length Albums (EPs)

Our EPs are short but sweet. We like to think of them as little presents hand-crafted for our fans.

Retro-Active Pt. 1 Remixed contains remixes of Keiji Yamagishi's acclaimed debut "Retro-Active Pt. 1". Artists such as Chipzel (of Super Hexagon), Kozilek (Nuclear Throne), ABSRDST, and others lend their unique touch to Yamagishi's high-energy tracks. The opening remix of Kaleidoscope by Daliesk was the Grand Prize Winner of our March 2015 remix contest.


Miyajima is a 6-track EP containing the b-sides to In Flux. We worked on In Flux for over a year and changed our approach multiple times. In doing so, we ended up with a number of unused tracks — ones that are still fun and experimental, but ultimately didn't fit into the album. Contains tracks by halc, Benjamin Briggs, Andi Bissig (Mirage), Souleye (VVVVVV), and Eirik Suhrke (Spelunky).

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Year One is a name-your-price EP from us at Brave Wave to the wonderful people who supported us through our first year. 6 tracks by 6 wonderful musicians: Manami Matsumae (Mega Man), Eirik Suhrke (Spelunky), halc (Insert Rupee), Benjamin Briggs (Insert Rupee), Dj Cutman, and ABSRDST.

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About Us

Brave Wave is a music label based in Japan, dedicated to exploring the interplay between videogames, music and nostalgia. The dual-natured label produces and publishes music albums, both solo and compilations, as well as composes music for video games. It is run by Kuwait-based Mohammed Taher, with operating duties handled by Tokyo-based Alexander Aniel, plus special co-directing from Manami Matsumae and Keiji Yamagishi.

The label is known for bridging the gap between Western and Japanese creators, best evident in the video game Shovel Knight (by Yacht Club Games) which Manami Matsumae was able to contribute music to, as well as our mega-hit World 1-2 album, which hosted a wide array of composers from all over the world. This marriage between Western and Eastern cultures is unique to our label and the foundation of our vision.


Chairman, Creative Director

As the founder and creative force of the label, Mohammed's job resides in crafting music albums from their inception, both solo and compilations, as well as coordinating work between composers and developers to deliver music as needed and on schedule.

CEO, Business Development Coordinator

Alex manages all aspects of business development and accounting, working on the Japanese side of things as well as our day-to-day operations. Having previously worked at 8-4 and LAND HO, Alex is well-versed with how the gaming industry works and is focusing on the growth of Brave Wave.

Associate Director, Mixing Engineer

With over 15 years of experience, Marco built a name for himself by producing music for the likes of Flutlicht, S.H.O.K.K, DJ Tatana, and many more. His technical expertise is leading the way our music sounds pre- and post-production, as well as helping plan and direct releases.


Message from Mohammed

Brave Wave began from my passion for both video games and music. This is evident in all of our albums — the blood of video games runs through them, as most of the participating artists are video game composers. It's a great honor to be working with people who made music for some of gaming's most prestigious franchises, such as Mega Man, Ninja Gaiden, and Silent Hill, among others. Ever since I started working on the label, my mission has been to simply make good music, and support those who create it. In addition to funding our artists' songs and albums, they receive up to 70% of our sales, which is unheard of in this industry. I believe that supporting artists and art would make the world a better, happier place, because in turn artists would be able to delight many people through their work. We're trying to create our own little utopia, in which artists are treated well, music is made with no compromises, and love is shared generously with everyone. This is our main goal. This is the wave we're riding on.


We make exceptionally good music, on demand.

Having worked on games since the Nintendo Entertainment System era, our musicians are capable of composing everything you need — from joyful chiptune to hard-hitting rock and moving piano ballads. We experiment with all genres of music, we play all types of instruments, and we deliver work on time.

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