Wavelength is an upcoming podcast by award-winning music label Brave Wave. It's a bi-weekly show centered around video games, music, and the people who make them. It will be hosted by the directorial staff, Mohammed Taher (founder) and Brett Elston (associate director).

  • Around half our audience is located in the U.S., and about a quarter situated in Europe. We also have a small but dedicated fanbase in the Middle East (Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and UAE).
  • The first episode will launch in January 2015, and focuses on our Street Fighter II soundtrack release, which charted on the Billboard Soundtracks chart at #23 in November 2015. We expect an audience of 8,000 listeners for the first episode. (The newsletter will be sent to around 10,000 email subscribers, and a collective Twitter following of 15,000.)
  • The second episode will be about Ninja Gaiden, and will feature a live interview (from Tokyo) with its original composer and sound designer Keiji Yamagishi.
  • The third episode will be about Xenoblade Chronicles X, and will feature an interview with its localization team live from Tokyo. We will be talking about the challenges of translating a game with novel-length text; working with Nintendo and esteemed director Tetsuya Takahashi, and similar topics.
  • The show's intro is composed by legendary musician Manami Matsumae, the composer behind the original Mega Man and various Capcom titles.
  • Branding and design by award-winning designer Cory Schmitz (Oculus, Sony Computer Entertainment, Kendrick Lamar).

Example of episode artwork

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