Terra Magica Liner Notes


Lyrics by Saori Kobayashi

Ne morem upreti tehnika, da so namenjene storiti?
Sem bil igubljen vidima, samo nen nasida luga
Naqui ni vija nevihte, oblecen vi telo mia

Ah, se vedno se shranje, ce povem proti svetlovi

Ah, se vedno se shranje, ce borio za mi prosim povejete
Blagoslov otrok Blagoslov Veno

運命の為せる業に 抗うことはできないのか
私は1本しか見えない道を 長い間迷い続けている
吹きすさぶ嵐にも 私にはこの身に纏うものもない 

ああ まだ救われるのなら 私に光を照らしておくれ
ああ まだ救われるのなら 私に戦う術を教えておくれ
我が子に祝福を 我が子よ永遠に

Can one resist the power that fate presents to us?
For long I have continued to be lost along the only road I can see
Amidst the violent stormy winds I have nothing to wear 

Ah, if I can still be saved, shine the light onto me
Ah, if I can still be saved, teach me the art of battle
Blessed be this child of mine, this child of mine, for all eternity 

A Message from Saori Kobayashi


This album is a soundtrack made out to all those who listen to my music. This one album is tied together like a story, but there is no game or movie to accompany it. Listeners are free to open the wings of their imaginations and decide for themselves what kind of world this album represents. You’re free to think back to a certain nostalgic game, you can end up liking only one song, or you can experience this album while weaving together a new story meant only for yourself. In making my album, I went with distinctive sounds through the use of synthesizers and music programming, which are methods that I enjoy using, all the while trying to show gratitude to those who have supported me until now. I was extremely happy to have the opportunity to work with some very wonderful people during the production of this album. I would be even happier if everyone enjoys my album.

A Message from Manabu Kusunoki
Illustrator of Panzer Dragoon series and Crimson Dragon


小林さんと初めてお仕事を御一緒したのはもう20年近く前、「AZEL Panzer Dragoon RPG」という作品でした。作品の舞台である荒涼とした滅びの世界が今もプレイした人の心に残っているのは、小林さんの音楽によるところが大きいと思います。

今回、完成直前の「Terra Magica」を何度も聴きながらジャケットを描かせていただきました。懐かしい荒野もそこにはありましたが、不思議と青空や、その下で元気に生きる人々の姿も目に浮かんだのです。どこか懐かしい曲を奏でながら荒野を旅する旅人たち、最初に浮かんだそんなイメージをそのまま描いてみました。

Even though I’m not particularly knowledgeable about music, there’s a certain charming element to the songs I consider my favorites. I can feel and understand it deep in my heart, even if I can't remember where or when exactly I heard it. 

And indeed, Kobayashi-san's music is overflowing with that type of charm. I first worked with Kobayashi-san almost 20 years ago on “Panzer Dragoon Saga.” I think her music has played a tremendous role in the ability of the game’s desolate worlds to remain in players’ minds to this day.

I listened to Terra Magica many times while designing the package art for it. I pictured nostalgic wilderness, along with an image of energetic people living their lives below a mysterious blue sky. I designed the artwork based exactly on what I saw in my imagination: an image of wanderers amidst the wilderness as nostalgic music plays.

A Message from Yukio Futatsugi, Grounding Inc.
Director of Panzer Dragoon series



新しくゲームを作るときに、社内のみで遊ぶプロトタイプを作るのですが、その時、いまだにAZELの曲をつかっています。それだけでゲームの面白さが2倍ぐらいになる気がするので、今回の「Terra Magica」の曲も今度試作するゲームに使わせていただけるとうれしいです。で、試作がうまくいったら、また仕事ご一緒させてください!

There has been much praise for the world of the Panzer Dragoon series, particularly beginning with “Panzer Dragoon Saga.” I feel that an important part of that world is Kobayashi-san’s music. Her songs seem to conjure up fragrances and expanses of space, and I feel that this creates the world for the listener. Back then, it was rare for games to have the ability to express those attributes, and it was her music that played a large role in allowing us to create that world.

When creating a new game, we make prototypes that are intended to be seen only inside of the studio. I use Saga’s music for my prototypes, which makes the games twice as interesting for me. I’d be happy to use Terra Magica’s music in my prototype games, too. If that goes well, I would love the chance to work together again!

A Message from Eri Ito
Vocalist of Panzer Dragoon Saga and Panzer Dragoon Orta


A calm, poker-faced person who creates amazing music. That’s the image I have of Saori Kobayashi-san as a composer. She has a gentle appearance that stands in contrast to the passionate, grand numbers she creates, fascinating listeners and drawing them into her world. Decades have come and gone since I first met Saori-san, and now she’s made a new album of a scale beyond anything she’s done before. It’s an honor to be a part of this album! I hope my singing adds a spice that befits Sally’s world!

A Message from Yumiko Takahashi 
Vocalist of Suikoden II and Panzer Dragoon Orta

Sallyが心に秘めてる世界観を知るきっかけになったのは、セガサターン のRPG「AZEL-パンツァードラグーン-RPG」。私はこのゲームの1プレイヤーでしたが、音楽を聴いた当初、もっともっとSallyの「世界」を覗いてみたいと思ったりしました。そんな私も待ち望んでいた純度の高い小林早織ワールド、ここに展開ですよ!そして私めの声を世界観の一部として加えて下さり、とても光栄に思います。パンツァードラグーンシリーズに出会わなければその世界観を垣間見ることは出来なかったと思います。出会いをもたらして下さったパンツァードラグーンシリーズ制作・販売関係者の皆さまに感謝の気持ちを捧げつつ。Terra Magicaの音たちも私の旅のお供にお迎えして、いろんな道を駆け巡りたいと思います。

The Sega Saturn RPG Panzer Dragoon Saga allowed me to discover the world hidden within Sally’s heart. When I first played the game and listened to its music, I felt an urge to look deeper into the world of Sally. This is a new development in Sally’s very pure world—one that I’ve been waiting for! And the fact that my voice has become a part of this world is an extreme honor. Without the Panzer Dragoon series, I don’t think I could’ve come to know this world. I’m very grateful to everyone who was involved in the production and sale of the series. I also invite all the songs of Terra Magica to join me on my journey as we traverse various paths together.

Written and produced by Saori Kobayashi

Project Manager: Alexander Aniel
Mastering Engineer: Dan Suter
Illustrator: Manabu Kusunoki
Art Directors: Saori Kobayashi, Mohammed Taher
Designer: Dan Clarke
Press Relations: Lauren Lucas, Brett Elston

Tracks 1 to 10: mixed by Saori Kobayashi
Track 11: remix and additional production by Michiru Yamane, mixed by Marco Guardia
Track 12: remix and additional production by Takahiro Izutani
Track 2: vocals by Eri Ito
Track 9: vocals by Yumiko Takahashi
Track 10: vocals by Eri Ito and Yumiko Takahashi

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℗ 2016 Brave Wave Productions Limited
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