Purchasing Brave Wave Products

Brave Wave products are available from the following websites:

Digital Music


Physical Music (CD, Vinyl)


Prices in Euro (€)
For Customers in:

  • Europe

  • Australia, New Zealand

  • Asia (including Japan)

  • Middle East, Africa

  • Latin America


Prices in US Dollars ($)
For Customers in:

  • United States

  • Canada


Prices in US Dollars ($)
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  • Worldwide

Frequently Asked Questions

Which store should I purchase physical goods from?

Your best bet is to purchase from the store serving your part of the world. While both BigWax and Fangamer will ship to almost any global address, your location will affect shipping costs, delivery times and potential customs and import taxes levied by the government of your country of residence. Note that some items may be in stock in one shop, but not in others.

Does one shop offer better pricing than the other?

We strive to maintain uniform pricing on all of our products worldwide, but please understand that with currency exchange rates changing every minute of every day, as well as variations in fees charged by each respective store, it is impossible for prices between two different shops to be exactly the same.

Digital Products - As our digital products are available globally through different digital distribution providers, pricing will differ from region to region. All Bandcamp purchases are denominated in US Dollars and conversions to any other currencies are for reference only. 

Physical Products - In most cases, BigWax and Fangamer will offer pricing that is similar after exchange rates, but in Euros (€) and US Dollars ($) respectively. However, there is no specific formula used to determine pricing for any particular product. Brave Wave (via Bandcamp), BigWax and Fangamer reserve the right to adjust product pricing accordingly based on drastic currency fluctuations between the US Dollar and Euro that may happen from time to time, without prior notice.

What are the purchase and return policies on Bandcamp, BigWax and Fangamer?

The Help/FAQ pages for each site are available below. Please note that separate return policies are governed by Bandcamp, BigWax and Fangamer separately.

Do you ship worldwide?

For the most part, both BigWax and Fangamer will ship physical goods worldwide. There are exceptions that will be noted if you attempt to purchase a region-restricted product from a covered country/territory. Please keep in mind that depending on where you live, there may be customs or import fees you’ll have to pay. These cannot be waived, nor can BigWax or Fangamer reduce declared product values under any circumstances.

I need help with my order. Whom do I contact?

Please contact the following following, depending on where you ordered:

Who processes orders and payments?

Our direct sales are processed through Bandcamp, while payments are done through PayPal. You can use your PayPal balance or an assortment of credit or debit cards that PayPal accepts. BigWax and Fangamer accept an assortment of credit cards and other payment options as well. Please consult with them regarding their policies.

Are your album releases officially licensed products?

Yes. We work with all major game publishers, developers and rights owners to develop and manufacture our vinyl and CD products.

Why are you taking preorders for vinyl?

We’re a small and independent label, and manufacturing vinyl—plus storing the heavy stock in a warehouse with a dedicated shipping team—is a very costly procedure. We want to ensure that we don't over-stock (or worse, under-stock) the release.