Welcome our new Community Manager, Lauren Lucas

This year has been tremendously good for us here at Brave Wave: We won our first music award; we released our most ambitious compilation album IN FLUX featuring talents such as Tim McCord (of Grammy-winners Evanescence); we released our first solo record by the Panzer Dragoon & Suikoden ladies; Shovel Knight was released to critical acclaim and plenty of awards, and more. We're doubling down on our efforts, and I'm pleased to announce a new addition to our family: Lauren Lucas, our dedicated Community Manager and in-house Media Relations.

Lauren has been working with me since before our debut album World 1-2, refining all our writing and press material, and helping to shape the tone of our communication. After attending EGX in London earlier in September, we realized that such a job is essential to our process. Lauren is a natural for it, so we shook hands!

In addition to taking charge of Brave Wave's ever-growing community, Lauren will act as our in-house Media Relations and serving as the bridge between our productions and the media. We hope you'll be able to see the fruit of our labor with the upcoming release of Keiji Yamagishi's solo album (more details next month).

Come and welcome Lauren with us on Twitter (she's @cloudwalking), and enjoy your holidays with your loved ones!