StoryBundle’s Video Game Bundle 4.0 debuts, featuring World 1-2 albums!

Continuing its popular "pay what you want" ebook bundles, our friends at StoryBundle are proud to present the Video Game Bundle 4.0, including Brave Wave's own award-winning albums World 1-2 and World 1-2: Encore.

Specially curated by industry veteran Simon Carless, this set of thirteen full-length game culture & history books/magazines follows up three previous bestselling digital game bundles. It once again features over $50 worth of books & magazines—plus two full-length all-star music albums—for a fraction of that price, with the gaming non-profit SpecialEffect our lead charity for this bundle.

Featuring books from the likes of Anna Anthropy, Michael P. Williams, Zoya Street, Jeremy Parish and many more. We know our fantastic circle of game enthusiasts will enjoy this game-oriented bundle. Let's support hard-working independent makers together!