Now available: "Year One"


November 15th marks our 1st anniversary as a music label, so we decided to release a name-your-price EP to thank the fans and show our gratitude. There's no catch: head over to Bandcamp, set the price to $0 and you'll get it. However! *drumrolls* Any amount we get from you will be donated to UNICEF, in order to help the victims of the awful typhoon Haiyan that struck our brothers and sisters in Philippines.

If you bought an album from us before, you'll recognize the list of musicians in this track list:

  1. Court Date, a beautiful song by ABSRDST
  2. Carus, a carnival-ish tune from Eirik Suhrke
  3. Sunrise Montage, a minimalistic number from halc
  4. Insert Rupee, Get Music, a funky-fun piece by Insert Rupee, which is a two-guys band of halc & Benjamin Briggs
  5. Dj Cutman & ABSRDST's amazing remix of Benjamin Briggs' Driving Upwards (which appeared in our 1st album)
  6. Manami Matsumae's sombre remix of the 1st track, Court Date

The beautiful art was drawn and illustrated by German artist Dominik Johann, who will also be designing one of our t-shirts, as well as painting our cats and possibly more.

Thank you so much for the outpouring of love and support. You are enabling us to make good music and let our favorite artists do the work they enjoy the most in life. Consider donating some money when buying the album — let's try to make something humanitarian and good to the people of the Philippines who were unfortunate to experience an awful typhoon.

Mohammed Taher

Director of Koopa Soundworks.