Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows The Definitive Soundtrack Tracklist

Japanese Track Titles


  1. ポーションの出番!

  2. 錬金術師のすみか

  3. リンゴマスキングのタンゴ

  4. ショベル使いとの戦い

  5. 誰かへのワルツ

  6. 平和をおびやかす者

  7. 逆境のアート

  8. 内なる闘い

  9. 影から踏み出して

  10. 最後のノート

  11. Jeff Ball and Jake Kaufman - 魔法の花束

  12. プレイグ・オブ・シャドウズ リリーストレーラー

  13. Arcubalis - 呪われし者たちの村

  14. Mint Potion - アルケミィ (f/ Dale North)

English Track Titles 

Shovel Knight: Plague Of Shadows

  1. Prime Your Potions

  2. The Alchemist's Haven

  3. Tango of the Troupple King

  4. Battling the Burrower

  5. Waltz for One

  6. Disturbing the Peace

  7. Art Through Adversity

  8. The Battle Within

  9. Out of the Shadows

  10. The Final Note

  11. Jeff Ball and Jake Kaufman - Le Bouquet Magique

  12. Plague of Shadows Release Trailer

  13. Village of the Damned

  14. ALCHEMY (ft. Dale North)

The Generation Series is directed and produced by Mohammed Taher and Marco Guardia, who recently worked together on the Billboard-charted Street Fighter II The Definitive Soundtrack. Their past joint works include the Brave Wave albums World 1-2 (2013), In Flux (2014), the ongoing Retro-Active albums by Ninja Gaiden's Keiji Yamagishi, and more. The Generation Series name, logo, and artwork templates have been designed by Cory Schmitz, who previously branded Brave Wave, Oculus, Sony Computer Entertainment Santa Monica, and more. Shovel Knight is developed and published by Yacht Club Games in North America and PAL territories, by Nintendo Co., Ltd. in Japan for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U and by 8-4, Ltd. in Japan for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.