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SNK and Brave Wave BEGIN exciting new partnership for creating classic NeoGeo soundtrack restorations

GS-005: ART OF FIGHTING The Definitive Soundtrack is now available on vinyl and CD.

As part of Brave Wave's critically acclaimed Generation Series lineup of classic video game soundtracks, the ART OF FIGHTING soundtracks will feature each games' original music restored to the highest possible quality, in collaboration and consultation with SNK and the original composers of NEO Sound Orchestra. The CD and vinyl feature artwork from the SNK archives by the legendary illustrator Shinkiro, in addition to thorough liner notes by Greg Kasavin of Supergiant Games offering insight on the production of ART OF FIGHTING.



  1. Theme of the Dragon and Tiger (Title)

  2. Thanks for the 200 yen (Intrusion)

  3. Which One Do You Want? I Want This One (Player Select)

  4. Welcome to the Todo Mansion (Before Ryuhaku Todoh Stage)

  5. ART OF FIGHT (Ryuhaku Todoh Stage)

  6. Ah, I Want to Return to Japan (After Ryuhaku Todoh Stage)

  7. Wait, Yuri! (Interrim Demo)

  8. Mamemamemaame (Jack Turner Stage)

  9. Delinquents Do Have Honor Too (After Jack Turner Stage)

  10. Chinese Old Man (Lee Pai Long Stage)

  11. Defeated by Age, As I Thought (After Lee Pai Long Stage)

  12. Micha iya! (King Stage)

  13. I Want to Return to a Normal Life (After King Stage)

  14. Bonus Game (Bonus Game Select)

  15. Initiation to the Super Special Moves (Bonus Game)

  16. Strike! Strike! (Bonus Game Results)

  17. Welcome to Downtown (Before Mickey Rogers Stage)

  18. Being Tough Feels Good (Mickey Rogers Stage)

  19. Being Tough Was Good (After Mickey Rogers Stage)

  20. Flying Baaang! (John Crawley Stage)

  21. Flying Booom!! (After John Crawley Stage)

  22. Blue Moon Factory (Mr.BIG Stage)

  23. Fight Uninjured (After Mr.BIG Stage)

  24. Wait a Moment (Before Mr.Karate Stage)

  25. The Tengu Show (Mr.Karate Stage)

  26. I Can't Do It (After being defeated by Mr.Karate)

  27. Is That Our Kid? (Staff Roll)

  28. Hey, Let's Do It Again! (Continue)

©SNK CORPORATION. All rights reserved. Licensed for use by BRAVE WAVE PRODUCTIONS.

About Generation Series
The Generation Series is directed and produced by
Mohammed Taher and Marco Guardia, who recently worked together on the Billboard-charted Street Fighter II The Definitive Soundtrack and Ninja Gaiden The Definitive Soundtrack. Their past joint works include the Brave Wave albums World 1-2 (2013), In Flux (2014), the ongoing Retro-Active albums by Ninja Gaiden's Keiji Yamagishi, and more. The Generation Series name, logo, and artwork templates have been designed by Cory Schmitz, who previously branded Brave Wave, Oculus, Sony Computer Entertainment Santa Monica, and more. The Art of Fighting series is developed and published by SNK Corporation.