GS-002: Shovel Knight

The iconic Shovel Knight soundtrack comes to CD, Vinyl and Digital Storefronts!

We collaborated with our friends Yacht Club Games to bring Jake Kaufman and Manami Matsumae’s critically acclaimed soundtrack to Vinyl, CD, iTunes and streaming services! Exclusive to the soundtrack is an original illustration by Mega Man and Pokémon artist Hitoshi Ariga

Both the 2-LP Set and 2-CD package contain a customized vinyl tracklist crafted by Jake Kaufman, along with a digital download code containing the complete soundtrack. Jake, Matsumae and Ariga offer their thoughts on working with the Shovel Knight series, while an essay by Bob Mackey analyzes the impact of the award-winning Indie title.


Inner Gatefold art by Hitoshi Ariga.

Inner Gatefold art by Hitoshi Ariga.


  • Main Theme

  • Steel Thy Shovel

  • One Fateful Knight

  • Strike the Earth! (Plains of Passage)

  • The Rival (Black Knight - First Battle)

  • For Shovelry! (Boss Victory)

  • The Starlit Wilds (Campfire Scene)

  • The Adventure Awaits (Map Screen)

  • In the Halls of the Usurper (Pridemoor Keep)

  • The Decadent Dandy (King Knight Battle)

  • High Above the Land (The Flying Machine)

  • The Spin Controller (Propeller Knight Battle)

  • An Underlying Problem (The Lost City)

  • The Claws of Fate (Mole Knight Battle)

  • No Weapons Here (Village)

  • Pastorale (Village Interiors)

  • The Local Happenstance (Village Basement)

  • Watch Me Dance! Spin Ye Bottle (Minigame)

  • A Thousand Leagues Below (Iron Whale)

  • The Bounty Hunter (Treasure Knight Battle)

  • Of Devious Machinations (Clockwork Tower)

  • The Schemer (Tinker Knight Battle)

  • The Destroyer (Tinker Tank Battle)

  • The Donor's Despair (Hall of Champions)

  • Backed into a Corner (Hall of Champions Boss)

  • The Requiem of Shield Knight

  • Waltz of the Troupple King

  • The Defender (Black Knight Battle)

  • Courage Under Fire - Armorer Village

  • Bucklers and Bonnets - Armorer Interior

  • Fighting with All of Our Might

  • Flowers of Antimony (The Explodatorium)

  • The Vital Vitriol (Plague Knight Battle)

  • La Danse Macabre (Lich Yard)

  • The Apparition (Spectre Knight Battle)

  • A Cool Reception (The Stranded Ship)

  • The Stalwart (Polar Knight Battle)

  • A Decisive Blow (StreetPass Arena)

  • Fighting Spirit (StreetPass Arena - Battle Ghosts)

  • End of Days (Endgame Map Screen)

  • The Fateful Return (Tower Approach)

  • The Inner Struggle (Tower)

  • The Forlorn Sanctum (Tower Lair)

  • The Possessor (Enchantress Battle)

  • The Betrayer (Enchantress Final Form)

  • A Return to Order (Ending) Reprise (Credits)

The Generation Series is directed and produced by Mohammed Taher and Marco Guardia, who recently worked together on the Billboard-charted Street Fighter II The Definitive Soundtrack. Their past joint works include the Brave Wave albums World 1-2 (2013), In Flux (2014), the ongoing Retro-Active albums by Ninja Gaiden's Keiji Yamagishi, and more. The Generation Series name, logo, and artwork templates have been designed by Cory Schmitz, who previously branded Brave Wave, Oculus, Sony Computer Entertainment Santa Monica, and more. Shovel Knight is developed and published by Yacht Club Games in North America and PAL territories, by Nintendo Co., Ltd. in Japan for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U and by 8-4, Ltd. in Japan for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.