GS-001: Street Fighter II

Our release of Street Fighter II The Definitive Soundtrack has been restored and remastered with great attention to detail, under supervision and with final approval from original composer Yoko Shimomura. It’s the best the Street Fighter II arcade soundtrack has ever sounded. Listen for yourself in the comparisons below.


CPS-1 and CPS-2: the definitive collection.

Street Fighter II went through many iterations in the arcades. An important distinction for fans of the game’s soundtrack is the two different arcade boards, CPS-1 and CPS-2, each with their own distinct sound. The original Street Fighter II: The World Warrior ran on CPS-1, while Super Street Fighter II Turbo was built for the newer CPS-2. The previous CPS-1 themes were adapted for the new sound hardware, and new themes written and programmed for the game’s additional characters. There’s no need for a debate as to which version is definitive or superior, as we are embracing the unique sound of both soundtracks and presenting them together in one package for the first time.

Also for the first time, the digital release will consist of the complete soundtrack with no missing tracks: almost three hours of music and more than 100 tracks total, including character themes, ending themes, alternate ending themes, sound effects, and even secondary critical themes.

Gorgeous artwork. Thick wax.

The vinyl box set houses four 180-gram vinyl discs, containing a thorough 140-minute edition of the soundtrack, and including iconic sound effects for DJs. Each vinyl is housed in a colored sleeve with archival Capcom prints.

The oversized booklet includes an exclusive interview with Yoko Shimomura, a foreword by Executive Producer of the Street Fighter series Yoshinori Ono, and an essay by video game journalist Matt Leone (Polygon, 1UP).

Restored and remastered with great care.

Our restoration was done entirely in-house by experienced recording, sound, and mastering engineers. After capturing the music directly from the original arcade board in the highest quality possible, we mixed and balanced the audio, removing noise, buzzing, clicks, distortion and other artifacts, and wherever necessary recovered lost high frequency content through a unique process specifically developed for this soundtrack. The final restored files were then carefully mastered with high end analog gear by in-house mastering engineer and industry veteran Dan Suter. The result is Yoko Shimomura’s genre-defying music in its crispest, most vividly detailed form yet.

Approved by the original composer.

We worked hand in hand with composer Yoko Shimomura to ensure maximum authenticity, and a remastering process that conforms to her own vision of what the iconic Street Fighter II music should sound like today.

© Red Bull Music Academy, taken from " Diggin' in the Carts " documentary by Nick Dwyer.

© Red Bull Music Academy, taken from "Diggin' in the Carts" documentary by Nick Dwyer.


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