Miyajima is out!

We released our new EP 'Miyajima' a few days ago. We allow our listeners to listen to any album in full, free of charge, because you deserve it. So go ahead and listen to the whole album, and if you like it, consider buying it.

The artwork above is created by David Hellman, whom you might recognize his style from the video game Braid. I've been working with David on a number of things for a year now, but Miyajima's art happened to be the first one we released publicly. So, how did it happen?

David's tee

After making our first t-shirt, I wanted to make something that's drastically different — an illustration, a playful drawing, something like that. David  experimented briefly with some ideas (as seen above) but I got busy with my Japan trip and decided to postpone the idea for later. However, I loved the wave sketch on the left; I didn't quite know what I want to do with it but I absolutely loved it. So, a few months later, I told David about our new EP. I thought it would be the perfect idea to reuse that wave sketch again, maybe expand upon it?

Waves draft
Waves draft

David sent me the above mockup and I simply loved it. the process was smooth and he blazed through the whole thing in a week, just in time for our April 20th release date.

I also created an alternate album art used for iTunes, so pick whichever you like for your iTunes library.

Our next update will be from Panzer Dragoon's Saori Kobayashi!

Mohammed Taher

Director of Koopa Soundworks.