Miyajima EP, coming soon

We're currently working on a Japanese Bandcamp account for Brave Wave. Sadly, Bandcamp doesn't offer a native Japanese interface for Japanese customers, which means some of the text on the Japanese Bandcamp will still be in English. But everything editable will be presented in Japanese.

It's not only to give our Japanese listeners a sense of place and understanding when buying, but also to offer a better way to deliver physical products: our main Bandcamp store ships from the US, while the new Japanese store will be shipping items from Tokyo, which means saving an upward of $14 on shipping. Alex recently quit his job so he could focus his attention and time on Brave Wave, and this is one of the things he'll be taking care of: shipping our physical items to our Japanese friends. This also means that the Japanese store will have a number of signed CDs exclusively there, eventually, and that excites me. I always wanted to sell signed CDs but couldn't do it for various reasons, and now we're one step closer.

So, Miyajima.

Miyajima EP

We're going to release Miyajima EP as a way to celebrate the launch of our coming-soon Japanese store. Some of these songs were intended for World 1-2 and a few for In Flux. My vision for both albums was shifting regularly, and eventually I ended up with tracks that were fun and good but didn't fit the image and style I was shooting for with In Flux. So, in a way, these are In Flux B-sides; tracks that were done in the production period but didn't make it through. I figured it's a good occasion to release them to our listeners and let them enjoy a slightly different side of Brave Wave.

Miyajima is a 6-tracks EP with music by Eirik Suhrke (of Spelunky), Souleye (of VVVVVV), halc (of OverClocked ReMix), Benjamin Briggs, Andi Bissig, and Insert Rupee. Here's one full track to preview now:

Mohammed Taher

Director of Koopa Soundworks.